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Good morning dear BeYOUties! How are we all? Xx okay so, I know a lot of people who are starting secondary/high school this year or are going back to school but will be a year higher, and are stuck with how they're going to look on their first day, what if they don't make any friends, their first detention, forgetting work and new classes etc etc. In other words, they're FREAKING OUT! But may I just stop you right there, because this is where I come in handy -yes I am actually useful ;) I have thought back years to the day where I first started school and the years after where I have come back but in a higher year and will share some tips and tricks with those of you who'd like to be the one who's fully prepared for that big day.Surviving the first day of your new school and Going back to your school are split up (there's two sections) otherwise it would just get too Confuzzling, so scroll down to find the one you're looking for xx happy reading :D

Surviving the first day of your new school. 
Dont panick, it's a big stage in your life and your bound to feel nervous but think of it as a new adventure. Trust me, on my first day I was a nervous wreck but I learnt to feel excited and it changed my view on things and helped me achieve a successful new week in this huge place. Remember everyone is feeling the same as you, you're not alone!
Tip 1) your smile is your best accessory and people will feel more obliged to make small talk and even feel comfortable around you. Remember to be friendly!
Tip 2) be yourself! There's no worse than pretending to be someone you're not. What's the point in acting, your beautiful just the way you are *breaks into Bruno Mars song*
Tip 3) come on time at the start of the day and for classes. You may risk a detention otherwise and be remembered in a bad way by the teachers.
Tip 4) make sure to have the full equipment required otherwise you'll be fondling around in your bag looking for a pen and everyone else will be busy writing down the notes.
Tip 5) get involved, come out of your shell and consider whether you want to try one of your school clubs. It would be an advantage so you can socialise. 
Tip 6) don't be afraid to ask for a map, your school will be a complete mystery to you and if you don't have a map or any kind of directions you won't be able to move around, your teachers will understand if you arrive late to their lessons on the first week.
Tip 7) remember the school hierarchy. Don't expect everyone you run into to be kind and carinprepare to meet some unpleasant people too. That's life I'm afraid.
Tip 8) complete work to the best of your ability, you want to make good impressions. Record all homework no matter how big or small the pieces are so you don't forget.
Tip9) get to know your form tutor as they will be the teacher you most frequently see.
Tip 10) make sure your school bag is strong enough to hold all of your books and accessories.
Lastly, enjoy your day, good luck and most of all have fun! :D
Going back to your school
It's that time of year again where everyone is sighing since school will be starting again soon. But don't let that put you down, you'll be having new classes and new teachers so you'll want to be prepared and ready to go.
Tip 1) know what your classes require and pick up the necessary school supplies you'll know you need for the next school year. A brilliant excuse for shopping! Hehe :D
Tip 2) arrange times to meet with your friends on school mornings again to get back in the swing of things. Try to leave early so you aren't rushing.
Tip 3) get enough sleep the night before otherwise facing that early morning will be a lot worse.
Tip 4) pack everything you need the night before and prepare your lunch and snacks beforehand.
Tip 5) set goals, try to challenge yourself.
Tip 6) think positive, I know it's school but you've got a whole new year ahead of you.
Tip 7) greet new teachers with a welcoming smile, they're nervous too your know!
Tip 8) try out a new look, whether it's as big as a new hair colour or even a new type of shoes. It's fun to mix things up once in a while.
Tip 9)keep mints, body sprays and deodorants in your bag to smell nice all day long.
Tip 10) do something fun at the end of the first day to reward yourself.
School is school whether you like it or not, just grin and bear it and soon you'll be wishing you were back there when you're older!

I hope you've enjoyed my top tips for going to or back at school, hope you've found them useful in some ways :D I'd love to hear any first day at school stories or favourite school memories down below and other comments and questions are of course welcome too! If you haven't already pressed that "join this site" button, what are you waiting for? Xx 
Lots of love
Natasha xx


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