£10 summer nails challenge


To challenge myself, and to prove how simple and effective inexpensive nails can be this summer, I decided to give myself £10 to purchase nail varnish and decorations to make my little tootsies look good for once.I think even basic nails can look charming this summer but I wanted to try something different so here we go:

The first little thing I found was in primark, I never go into primark so this was first for me and it was in there that I managed to find a beautiful electric red colour.
 I loved it so I turned it over, only to reveal a sale price of 50p!! I was thrilled and amazed at how cheap it was. 

Next I went into boots ( for those of you who do not know what boots is, the misleading name is not actually for a shoe shop it is for a pharmacy) for those all important top and base coats to protect your nails and there I picked up a packet of both.
These little lifesavers were £4 and very reasonable for what they were as most of the base coats alone were around £10.

Later I went into H&M and found a whole rack of nail stickers which were perfect for summer.
As you can see, there are a few blank spots now that I had used some on me and on my Mum! These cute stickers were on £1.50, another bargain bagged.

Finally, I went into the very well-known claires as they had a sale on and I couldn't resist looking, could I? There I found a box of 5 metallic nail varnishes for £2.50.
 All together this little lot totalled £8.50 which I am happy with and am satisfied that I can prove how inexpensive nails can seem.Here is the grand unveiling of the finished look: 
Have any of you done anything similar for summer *cough* freedom? If so, comment below.As my blog is new it would be my dream to receive loyal followers, so click that button :)
Happy Thursdays ! 
Lots of love
Natasha xx

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