Where have I been?


Hello strangers,  where have I been?! Good question. Amongst important school exams, starting new or ending existing relationships, finding a new identity for myself as I have grown older or be it lost in a temporary period of sheer sadness, the 6 months you haven't heard a single thing from me was because I've experienced it all. I would describe it as the hardest 6 months of my life so far, it was quite literally a horrifying  roller coaster. To those of you who have reached out to me and haven't since received a reply, I can reassure you I am on it and ready to go! I can only send such a sincere apology to everyone who reads and enjoys my work, and the guilt continues when I couldn't even bring myself to write a warning for you all that I would be inactive for such a long time, as every day brought quite literally a thunderstorm of emotions and I would never know what to expect and didn't want it reflecting in my writing. Reading this, I am sure some of you will not understand how I could've neglected such a beautiful community for such a long time and I know this doesn't cut it but from the bottom of my heart I am deeply sorry. 

So to get you up to date, here were my 6 months starting from Christmas time when the silence began up to now in pictures. I hope you enjoy!
November- I met these wonderful people
December- Christmas time
January- the fear of exams began oh what a time 
February- I started to gain a much greater social life woo !
March- I cut 13 inches of my excessively long hair to give to the Little Princess Trust- a UK charity to provide cancer patients with wigs, a charity I am so glad to be supporting. 
April-exams were soon looming but I caught the first glimpse of summer
May- well us lot got closer (they'll no doubt kill me for this pic) 
June-Hello New York! 
July-my birthday month
August- catching the sun on the beautiful Brighton beach but as you guessed it the water was freezing! 
September- Misty waterfalls on a Norwegian cruise
My posts will continue as they were a while ago, regular and full of content! I have so much planned! Thank you for all your support, I have missed blogging so unbelievably much.
Love always xx

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  1. You included really fabulous photos photos with your update - I love all of them! The pics with your friends, your Christmas, your OOTDs, the scenery - love the photos of Manhattan, Brighton Beach and the Misty waterfalls. That was very generous of you donating 13 inches of your beautiful hair to the Little Princess Trust. Fab update post!


  2. Great shots!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. school,friends,braids cool post!
    just followed ya:)

  4. Nice pics!

    My new blog...


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