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We all have those curious, girly days, when we doodle our crush's name inside your sparkly notebook whilst in maths class but what we don't plan until nearer the time is that perfect wedding dress. The sequins, the veils, the stilettos...are they not a girl's dream? Think again. Glossy magazines have been spilling gossip on the latest celeb weddings and they've been getting glam as ever before, now it's our time to match them.
Are they not stunning? I've barely started yet girls.. 

CocoMelody is rated by third-party certifications like Reselleratings,Yelp and Weddingwire. Brides are in communication with each other sharing references or chatting about their orders, bride satisfaction is highly valued within this beautiful company.

destination wedding dresses

Indulge yourself in these gorgeous designs, CocoMelody designs only the top-quality, figure-hugging and elegant dresses you desire.With exclusive designs suited for each season, CocoMelody dresses are priced very reasonably from $299 to $499. From design to delivery, CocoMelody deserves more recognition than at present. CocoMelody has her own designers, seamstresses and sample makers to ensure individual needs are met. There has not been one story of a customer finding fault with paying  communications through PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon and Bank Transfer as CocoMelody protect and satisfy each customer from the beginning.
Coco Melody has dress boutiques located in the U.S. And Netherlands so brides are welcomed to enjoy a wonderful fitting service and admire the quality craftsmanship gone into each piece.
This season, beach and destination dresses (links are above) are the new trends so have a nosey if interested. No matter how much your budget is, brides can always find dream dresses at Cocomelody

Love always xx 

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  1. CocoMelody does carry some very pretty wedding dresses - and so many pages of them on their website! Gorgeous!


    1. I agree! xx thank you lovely, I really appreciate your kind words x have a wonderful day xoxo

  2. So pretty! So feminine and delicate looks. Love the whole lace dresses.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

    1. Thank you lovely! oh they are :) I appreciate your kind words x have a wonderful day xoxo

  3. There are some lovely dresses there! :)

    1. I agree! thank you lovely, have a happy day ! xx

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