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Hey BeYOUties! Can you believe how fast the months are going so far ?! Wowzies! With that said, yep you guessed it, it's another favourites for the month. Although today I wanted to share with you (just) my beauty favourites as I couldn't resist not picking them up every day, so they're worthy of some love from all of you.

 Please note that this post was not sponsored by any brands, thank you.                
 From left to right: (some products are featured in more than one picture, so the order may be a little confusing) for all 15 I've listed the pros and cons short and sweet, so I won't bore you !
1) Loreal Miss Manga mascara (black)- very volumous, the wand shape is a little strange, a little clumpy, although I have had several compliments! Can be purchased from most drugstores. 
2) You Star Sunkiss Bronzer - gorgeous glitter- looks worrying at first (but does not come out on your face if you use a brush), large size, perfect for summer. I purchased this in Germany. 
3) Marvala nail polish in the shade "Sapporo 186"- creamy nude shade, looks nice even on short nails, goes with everything! Can be purchased in department stores and drugstores.
4) Victoria Secret "Secret escape" body wash and body lotion- irrisistable smell, lots of compliments, creamy, has little crystals that burst - such fun! 
5) Fearne Cotton blush brush- lovely appearance,easy to use and blend, brush hairs do fray, not very soft
6)soap and glory daily youth moisturiser- perfect for my sensitive and dry skin, smells lovely, lasts for ages. Can be purchased from Boots only.
7) eos lip balm in the flavour ""- super moisturising for the lips, smells fairly nice (not my absolute favourite), helps and cures cracked lips without hurting them. I purchased my eos on Amazon.
8) Kate moss lipstick in the shade "03" -this outstanding product has been my go to lipstick nearly every day, it suits the Kylie Jenner look, and will compliment any skin tone. One word -Wonderful. Can be purchased in drugstores.
9) Too faced "a la mode" palette- I am not usually one for bright eyeshadows so was a little apprehensive when I picked this up. However I love it nearly as much as my chocolate bar palette. Super easy to blend, beautiful pigmentation and a hint of glitter, well worth the money for such unique shades and endless looks. Can be purchased in department stores. 
10) Rimmel wake me up foundation in "Ivory 100"- started using this recently, super easy to blend, good array of shades to match to my skin tone well, smells strangely nice, very affordable. Can be purchased in drugstores.
11) Maybelline Baby skin primer in "cool rose"- adore this affordable option, enables makeup to stay on, preps my race well, smooth application, smells beautiful, lasts for a long time. Can be purchased in drugstores.
12) Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof eyeliner- very precise tip, easy application, lasts for ages, stays on eyes really well, affordable. Can be purchased in drugstores.
13) Marc Jacobs Daisy limited edition"sunshine delights" perfume- smells divine, wonderful scent for summer, looks gorgeous as always, fairly pricey but worth every penny ! Can be purchased in department stores.
14) collection blush block  - a dupe for Bobby Brown's shimmer bricks, beautiful gold undertones, perfect as a blush or a highlighter, compliments most skin tones, pink shades all work well together, very affordable. Can be purchased in drugstores.
15) benefit high beam- even a small bottle lasts for ages, matches my skin tone well, beautiful shimmer to add to browbone.

Do you and I share any favourites? What have you been loving this month? Any further questions ... Leave them below ! Xxx 
Love always 

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  1. Ooooh that palette looks amazing! The shades in it are gorgeous!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you Lorna!! Xxx I agree, they are all perfect for summer, I really recommend it :) xxx have a happy day my lovely xoxox

  2. Amazing post dear!

    1. Thank you lovely, it means the world!! xx have a wonderful day ;) xoxox

  3. I am loving Mabeline lately, so I may just try the skn primer you are talking about. Awesome picks!


    1. Thank you Tania!! x me too, you must- there's three of them but try 'cool rose' first as it is my favourite by far xoxo have a wonderful day beautiful xox

  4. I really like the Miss Manga mascara but the wobbly wand drives me nuts! I love Highbeam, too, although I ran out ages ago and can't really justify yet another highlighter!
    Lovely blog btw, following :)

    Hannah x
    hannah said so - beauty, food, lifestyle

    1. aww me too, phew I thought mine was broken or something but I'm glad someone else can relate to the struggles! xx I do love highbeam but I prefer the Benefit 'watts up' highlighter which was a very well spent recent purchase x thank you very much lovely, I really appreciate your kind words ;) have an amazing day xox

  5. The palette is so pretty<3 thanks for sharing love this pos this made my day
    follow for follow?:)


    1. Thank you very much my lovely xxx I agree ! Xxx have a wonderful day x

  6. Love this post! So detailed and insightful! Thanks for having a look at my blog by the way! xx

  7. Thank you lovely, I really appreciate your kind words xx you're very welcome xx aww :) have a wonderful day xoxox

  8. Hi, saw your comment on my blog, thanks for checking it out:) I love yours!

    ~ Kenzie ~

    1. Thank you Kenzie! Xx you're very welcome lovely xx have a wonderful day xx


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